The School of Physical Education was founded in 1950. It grew out of the Department of Sports, one of those earliest set up by universities since the founding of the New China. In 1958, some teachers and students of the department were split up from Shandong Normal College to form Shandong Sport College. In March 1995, Shandong Normal University merged the original Department of Sports with the Department of College Physical Education, and officially renamed it the School of Physical Education.

    The school has a complete range of research fields and exceptional faculty. It offers four undergraduate programs, including physical education, martial arts and Chinese traditional sports, social sports guidance and management, and dance study (sport direction). There is onemaster degree programunder the first-level discipline of Physical Educationand one master’s professional degree program. The school currently has 122 faculty and staff, including 17 professors, 38 associate professors, two doctoral tutors, 34 master tutors, six international referees, and 15 national referees. Among them, 27 are with doctoral degrees.

    Since its establishment, the school has been taking “focusing on teaching, cultivating sport talents with solid foundation, all-round skills, and international vision” as its guiding principle. Equal stress has been laid on teaching and researching. Based in Shandong and national oriented, it has equipped a large number of high-level physical educator and sport talents to meet the needs of the country, especially Shandong Province.